Sechste KNIMS-Jahrestagung - Hybrid-Veranstaltung


Freitag, 19. April 2024

Ab 08:30Registrierung
09:00Jörn Rittweger: Begrüßung

Session 1

09:10*Sebastian Gehlert:*Resistance exercise ‚in the field‘
09:30Tim Havers: Association of skeletal muscle hypertrophy with fat mass and glucose homeostasis – A systematic review of human and animal studies
09:50Maximilian Bauer: IceBAT: Do endocrine and lipidome responses to an ice bath depend on whether it takes place in the morning or in the evening
10:10Alexander Franz: Intensive care myopathy

Session 2

10:50Marcello Grassi: Discrepancies in walking speed measurements post-bed-rest: A comparative analysis of real-world vs. laboratory ssessments
11:10Alessandra Bosutti: Irisin and the brain-derived neurotrophic factor axis in the 60-day AGBRESA bed rest study
11:30Ornella Caputo: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation to enhance the exercise benefits on muscle function during spaceflight: from ISS missions to clinical and geriatric applications
11:50Martin Flück: Molecular lessons from microgravity on the window of opportunity to counteract the loss of muscle mass with inactivity in clinical environments
12:20Marc Valerius: Volumen und Fettgehalt in Hüft-, Ober- und Unterschenkelmuskeln vor und nach 30 Tagen Bettruhe

Session 3

13:30Damir Zubac: Impaired metabolic flexibility of exercising muscles in cancer patients receiving immunotherapy and cancer survivors compared to healthy controls
13:50Jule Heieis: Muscle activation characteristics in adolescents with spastic cerebral palsy
14:10Ibrahim Duran: Messung motorischer Leistungsfähigkeit von Kindern und Jugendlichen mit praktikablen und zuverlässigen Methoden
14:40Iliana Tantcheva-Poor: Comparison of patients with Ehlers-Danlos-Syndromes/ hypermobility spectrum disorders vs dancers vs healthy non-hypermobile control subjects

Session 4

15:30Franka Genest: Vibration therapy application on the shoulder in adhesive capsulitis – evaluation of an integrated therapeutic concept
15:50Anja Dekant: AM-KNIMS-Studie aus Sicht der Pflegeheimbetreiber
16:10Jonas Böcker: Implementation of a novel therapeutic resistance training algorithm in nursing homes: Quantification of acceptance and feasibility
16:30Ludwig Sachs: Der KNIMS-Algorithmus in der stationären Pflege: Evaluierung von Akzeptanz und Machbarkeit durch Leitfadeninterviews
16:50Podiumsdiskussion: How to assess feasibility and acceptance

Bitte melden Sie sich bis zum 02.04.2024 unter der Emailadresse zur sechsten Jahrestagung KNIMS an.