Fifth KNIMS Annual Conference - Hybrid Event


Friday, 3 March 2023

|*From 12:00*|*Registration & Snack*| |*13:00*|*Jörn Rittweger*: Where to go with KNIMS?

Session 1

13:10Anja Dekant: Immobilisation and muscle disorders in nursing homes: What matters from the nursing homes‘ point of view
13:30Alessandra Bosutti: Impact of 60-day bed rest and artificial gravity on serum oxidative stress biomarkers and skeletal muscle protein carbonylation: data from the 60-day AGBRESA bed-rest study
13:50Gaspar Epro: Temporal dynamics of muscle and tendon adaptation to mechano-metabolic stress
14:10Phil Atherton: Proteostasis in human muscle disuse atrophy

Session 2

15:30Alexander Franz: Prähabilitation in der primären Endoprothetik: Blood-Flow-Restriction Training gegen Arthrose- und Operationsbedingten Muskelschwund
15:50Jule Heieis: Curvature of Gastrocnemius Muscle Fascicles as a Function of MuscleTendon Complex Length and Contraction Level in Humans
16:10Luisa Heiß: Einfluss des Blood-Flow-Restriction Trainings auf die postoperative Muskelatrophie und subjektive Schmerzwahrnehmung nach operativer Versorgung der unteren Extremität
16:30Marius Meinhold: Yap in myoblasts induce the serine biosynthesis enzyme Phgdh which limits proliferation
16:50Jörn Rittweger: Quick Isokinetic Testing: A novel approach to assess muscle power, stiffness, forcle-length relationship and reflex mechanics
17:10Jonas Böcker & Ludwig Sachs: AM-KNIMS-Studie: Durchführung und Erfahrungsbericht
17:30Henning Wackerhage: Das Sarkopenie-Buch
Ab 19:00Joint dinner (on registration & own expense)

Saturday, 4 March 2023

Session 3

8:30Stefan Schaller: Organsystem Skelettmuskulatur beim Intensivpatienten
9:20Kyriakos Martakis: Age-related centile curves for single two-legged jump (S2LJ) in German children, to monitor nerve-muscle coordination during development
9:40Philip Ferstl: Acceptance, feasibility and prognostic capacity of jumping mechanography in patients with liver cirrhosis
10:30Sophie Rosahl: Quantification of echo intensity in angulated ultrasound of intramuscular connective tissue
10:50Sabine Schlüssel: Einfluss des Hypogonadismus auf Sarkopenie und Osteoporose bei geriatrischen Patienten
11:10Sebastian Gehlert: Resistance exercise modulates the skeletal muscle proteome in 
dependency of myofibrillar damage, adaptation and de-adaptation
11:30Philipp Baumert: Metabolic reprogramming of hypertrophic skeletal muscle cells
11:50Jörn Rittweger: Funding-Möglichkeiten für KNIMS
12:00Joint discussion
Ab 12.15End and snack together

Please register for the fifth annual KNIMS conference at the email address by Feb. 10, 2023.