First KNIMS Annual Conference

Muscle wasting and weakness are becoming an increasingly prominent field of study in medicine. In many cases, this is partly due to lack of exercise and inadequate training. Up until now, there has never been an expert panel to discuss diagnostics and treatment of immobilisation-induced muscular disorders. The aim of the event is to forge scientific and practical connections between clinicians and scientists conducting fundamental research by creating a network.

KNIMS 2019


Friday 8 March 2019

12:30 Registration
13:30 Jörn Rittweger: Welcome and introduction

Session 1

Chairs: Benedikt Schoser and Jörg Höhfeld

13:45 Simone Spuler: DNA double strand breaks and histone 1 loss characterize muscle stem cells in critical illness myopathy
14:15 Sebastian Gehlert: The impact of progressive and continuous strength training stress on anabolic signalling, autophagy and regulation of chaperone function in human skeletal muscle
14:30 Lothar Seefried: Muscle weakness and fatigue in altered phosphate metabolism
14:45 Martin Flück: Failed repair of torn human rotator cuff muscle is associated with the deterioration of metabolic markers of muscle activity
15:00 **Martin Schönfelder: Vgll3: A Hippo signalling-associated regulator with major expression in muscular hypertrophy, regeneration, muscular dystrophy and alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

15:15–15:45 Poster exhibition

Session 2

Chairs: Dieter Leyk and Christina Stark

15:45 Klaus Engelke: Imaging methods for determining muscle properties
16:15 Oliver Semler: Intensive interval rehabilitation in children with Osteogenesis imperfecta
16:30 Kai Nestler: Volumetric analysis of the upper extremity to quantify the course of atrophy and hypertrophy: findings on reliability and repeatability using inverse water displacement
16:45 Henning Wackerhage: Transgenic mouse models with increased endurance capacity: systematic review and bioinformatic analysis
17:00 Ulrich Limper: The clinical perspective: the potential of full-body vibration training in patients with severe burn trauma
17:15 Sebahattin Cirak: Recessive PIEZO2 stop mutation causes distal arthrogryposis with distal muscle weakness, scoliosis and proprioception defects

17:15-17:45 Poster exhibition

17:45 Martin Daumer: Mobile accelerometry in clinical trials: Towards regulatory decision making
18:15 Dominik Pesta: Muscle-related metabolic disorders

Saturday 9 March 2019

Session 3

Chairs: Eckhard Schönau and Werner Stenzel

08:30 Michael Drey: Sarcopenia treatment
09:00 Wilhelm Bloch: Eccentric training
09:30 Hanna Taipaleenmäki: Pharmacological inhibition of sclerostin protects from breast cancer-induced osteolytic disease and muscle weakness
09:45 Salem Alawbathani: Late diagnosis of a truncating WISP3 mutation entails a severe phenotype of progressive pseudorheumatoid dysplasia
10:00 Hülya Daimagüler: Genotype-phenotype correlations in novel form of PYROXD1-related congenital myopathy
10:15 Dieter Blottner: Myotonometry: basic principles and application in space medicine

10:30-11:00 Poster exhibition

11:00 Christoph Clemen: Impact of acute and chronic exercise on normal and diseased skeletal muscle tissue
11:15 Mona Kreutzer: Genotype-phenotype correlations in fast myosin related congenital myopathy
11:30 Eckhard Schönau: Muscle training in paediatric rehabilitation

12:00–12:30 General discussion
12:30 End

Download the Conference proceedings as PDF